Unlock More Space Using Bathroom Storage Ideas and Hacks
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Unlock More Space Using Bathroom Storage Ideas and Hacks

The best bathroom shelving and storage ideas to declutter your place

As long as your bathroom is inundated with towels, toiletries, and similar stuff, you’re likely to feel cooped up. This is especially true if it’s tiny and windowless. Such a cramped atmosphere has nothing to do with a relaxing retreat that every well-designed washroom is meant to be. But even if you’re bereft of the luxury that comes with plenty of space, you can find a smart way out. How? That’s a good question, and, luckily, some creative bathroom storage ideas are here to serve as the answer. Read on to explore how you can transform a miniature place into a more space-efficient one.

Top 7 bathroom storage ideas you can’t miss

These tips apply to most washrooms, regardless of the style. Whether your one preserves eclectic harmony or reflects traditional features, you can now eliminate any clutter inside it.

Install a medicine cabinet instead of a mirror

The options with shelves are great for keeping your essentials in order and within your hand’s reach. Plus, some cabinets, like this Atlanta Sapphire Oak, come with mirrored surfaces for all-in-one functionality.

Maximize available space with wall shelves

When it’s hard to fit another free-standing cabinet due to the lack of floor space, look for smart bathroom storage ideas. Thus, a vertical wall-mounted solution can save you the trouble. Take the Casa Mare Lacquer side cabinet to get a feel for the thing.

Invest in a corner cabinet

There may be a few unused inches of space near your toilet or bathtub. This means that you can get a narrow corner cabinet. Modern designs allow for multiple shelves, making it on a par with the previous bathroom storage ideas.

Do not ignore plenty of room between wall studs

You might have noticed that there’s some space between your studs. Why not make good use of it then? Those several inches are perfectly enough to fit some shelving in a small built-in unit next to your vanity.

Look up for more space above your bathroom door

Even more bathroom storage shelf ideas will flash across your mind once you raise your head. If there’s still no unit for accommodating toilet paper above the door, you’re settling for less than you can actually get. Install a shelf there for more uncluttered space.

Use that door to hang towel bars on

This may be one of the smartest bathroom storage ideas for layouts with inadequate space. Your door can make an ideal place to install a bar (or two) so that your towels and robes are always accessible without creating a mess.

Replace cumbersome cabinets with space-saving ones

If your vanity takes up too much space in your bathroom, it’s time to go for more compact storage solutions, like this silver base unit. Its additional shelf will live up to your expectations by keeping your toiletries hidden.

With these bathroom shelving and storage ideas, maximizing unused space and, most importantly, comfort will be a cinch. For anything else, VanitySale is your go-to helper!