The Importance of Feng Shui in bathroom
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The Importance of Feng Shui in bathroom

Just envision the places and the houses that you have lived in, you will notice that the scenes you remember the most are the ones in the bathroom. Water is the beginning, and the water is the end, and bathroom is the only place we all be with ourselves and surrender to water. The images pass through our minds while we are taking shower, shape our beginning, improvement, today and our future. The design of the bathroom for sure effects these images. Showering in a well-designed bathroom not only creates a good image, but also is a meditation takes our negative energy. 

The energy of bathroom, in other words the feng shui of the bathroom, affects the quality and positivity of this meditation. Bathrooms designed considering energy are more balanced and balancing. The harmony between the quality of the purification and energy can also be increased by feng shui. 

We can list the importance of bath-feng shui relation as follows;

- In Feng Shui the water is money, and it is important with its flow which energy is effected and how. 
- Bathrooms are not the places we only get physically clean, we also get spiritually cleanness and free from negative energies. 
- Bathrooms are places where we are left alone with ourselves, contact with our bodies and discharged.
- Bathrooms are the places where we take a break and stay away from household and make decisions. 
- Bathroom is where left the most memorabilia about the house, recall and interpret those memories. 
- Bathroom is a place that creates the first impression for a house like kitchen.
- Bathroom sets the value of the house together with the kitchen. 

The main colors should be determined along with their usefulness in the selection of the apparatus to be used for the bathroom renovations. These colors should support both your energy and the energy in the bathroom. Storage areas should be designed properly, neither too much nor too little. The bathroom and bedroom should be connected but still the water pipes should not disturb the bedrooms. After all, bathroom design is also a science and an art. 


Sinem Oktay,
Interior Designer/Architect