Free DIY Plans for a Bathroom Vanity that Everyone Can Use
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Free DIY Plans for a Bathroom Vanity that Everyone Can Use

Feasible DIY bathroom vanity plans inspired with creativity

Giving a master bathroom a facelift isn’t always about spending tons of money and sacrificing your weekends for the next few months. For a splendid (and more affordable!) makeover, you can tweak your vanity, and it will then transform the whole place. But how do you channel your inner craftsman to build it yourself? This is where some clear-cut do-it-yourself bathroom vanity plans wouldn’t go amiss.

Before you start, make sure you’ve done your homework and have all the tools and supplies necessary for the upcoming DIY project. Arm yourself with a miter saw, jigsaw, electric sander, jig, clamps, and everything in between. Then keep all the boards, screws, and hardware within easy reach. As soon as you’ve got the materials, let your creativity out.

DIY plans for a bathroom vanity of a rustic style

A hand-crafted vanity makes an excellent centerpiece in any rural-inspired bathroom designed with the focus on rugged beauty. Pine proves to be the best natural eye-catcher in the build. For most DIY bathroom vanity plans, it can be used for the bottom part of the cabinet, doors, legs, and even countertop with sanding as you go.

After measuring the space that your would-be vanity is supposed to fit in, cut the boards for the sides. Consider their height, depending on how many shelves you want for storage. Assemble the whole structure and think whether you need doors to keep your toiletries hidden.

For pine in your DIY small bathroom vanity plan, you’ll want to use a waterproof sealant before installing a sink. Interestingly, rustic cabinets look breathtaking with either undermount or vessel ones. There’s nothing like the shiny acrylic surface coupled with natural wood in a unique centerpiece.

Do-it-yourself bathroom vanity plans for modern touch-ups

If you’re into creating a cabinet that mingles with contemporary décor and present-day furnishings, there are many ideas you can get inspired with. Modern bathroom vanities are supposed to blend stylish designs and practicality, making your place look like that in some high-end magazine.

For vanities of this style, you can also use wood for the structure or even pair it with steel rails for the sides. When doing the cutting, stick to straight lines rather than curved ones. Paint it then to achieve a smooth blend of black, white, or whatever color streamlines your interior décor. And if you’re looking for DIY small bathroom vanity plans, you may also love a LED mirror installed to enhance the ambiance and make the place look larger.

After assembling the structure, go for a granite countertop for second-to-none aesthetics. Rest assured: there are no contemporary bathroom vanities that look cheap when complemented with the slab’s natural finish. Need a more enchanting flare? Consider getting a marble sink for the icing on the cake.

There’s no denying that DIY plans for bathroom vanities are not for all. So, if building a cabinet on your own is not your cup of tea, you can always shop at VanitySale for ready-to-use, pre-assembled options of various styles.