Brand New Bathrooms: How to Refresh the Bathroom in 9 Steps?
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Brand New Bathrooms: How to Refresh the Bathroom in 9 Steps?

1. Start by Selecting a Theme

Country, modern, classic… If you have adopted a decoration style in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, you should say that your bathroom has no shortcomings! First of all, you should decide which decoration style to apply in your bathroom and choose a theme according to this decision. For example, if you want to decorate your bathroom with modern decoration, you can concentrate on marine theme by using blue and white colors intensively.

2. Use Solutions to Make Your Life Easier

If you want your bathroom to be both stylish and useful, you need to do something: you should turn to smart solutions. Your bathroom can be more organized thanks to solutions that hide your dirty basket in the bathroom cabinet. You have the right to benefit from the elegance of order!

In the meantime, if you want your bathroom to be at the forefront of practicality, you can take advantage of our Öneri 5 Tips to Make Your Life Easier in Your Bathroom and Kitchen ”.

3. Be More Creative in Lighting

When you say “lighting mı, do you also think of hill lighting such as chandeliers and stalactites? However, the bathroom is an area that offers you more freedom in lighting than you think. For example, if you set out to renovate the bathroom, you should remember that wall sconces can also help you. In addition to ceiling lighting, you can achieve a healthier lighting thanks to the sconces that you can place on the sides of the bathroom mirror.
4. Use Your Choice Since Door Lockers
Remember, regularity contributes to your bathroom being stylish. For this reason, you can make the area look more tidy by choosing door cabinets in bathroom cabinets. You should also remember that cupboards without doors will take more dust and are more demanding in terms of cleaning.

5. Use Hidden Socket

The cables have the power to make every area of ​​your house look scattered. In order to avoid cable tangles in your bathroom and to have a more elegant bathroom decoration, you should definitely choose hidden sockets during the bathroom renovation. Moreover, you can ensure the safety of your children with hidden sockets.

6. Take Care of Accessory Selection

If you want a remarkable and perfect bathroom design, you should make sure that every product in your bathroom completes each other. For example, if your cabinets are made of wood, the bathroom accessories you buy should also be made of wood. You should not forget that a small change you make with bathroom accessories can make a big difference.

7. Replace Shower Heads and Faucets

You can contribute to the decoration of the area by changing the shower set, sink faucet and bathroom faucet which are the small but essential products of your bathroom, and you can reach a more useful bathroom by making choices for your needs. Moreover, you can easily change the battery and shower head. Our ”Small Changes, Great Effects” article is ready to help you with your selection and installation!

8. Don't Forget Towel Racks

Towels that help you save space in your bathroom and attract attention with their stylish designs are the products you shouldn't miss during bathroom renovation. Wall-mounted towel warmers, also known as “bathroom radiators hem, help to warm up your bathroom and allow your wet towels to dry quickly. Moreover, there are many types of towel bars in different designs and sizes to suit your bathroom style.

9. Refresh Shower Cabin

Changing the shower cabin is a must for a brand new bathroom. Shower cabinets that offer model alternatives suitable for your bathroom area and taste have the power to change the face of your bathroom instantly. If you want to roll up the handles for the installation of shower cabin, you can get help from our article İlk First Step for a Brand New Bathroom: How to Install Shower Cabin?.

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