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Pallet Porcelain Tile Ark Silver Matt 24"X24" - An Extra 6% of , pallet qty 512 sqf

BOX COVERAGE This tile's size: 24"X24”, thickness: 0.35", and these products are sold in pallets.

PALLET COVERAGE Box quantity: 16 SF, pallet quantity:512 SF, and pallet weight: 1SQ FT=5 LBS.

RECOMMENDED INSTALLATION It is possible to use porcelain tile in your home or on your balconies.

COLOR This porcelain tile's color is Grey.

REFUND IS FREE You can return our modern floor tiles instantly if you want.

Pallet Porcelain Tile Ark Silver Matt 24"X24" - An Extra 6% of , pallet qty 512 sqf

Only 999 left in stock.
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Pottery is one of the oldest human technologies. Clay pottery fragments recently found in the Hunan Province of China have been dated to carbon 17,500-18,300 years old. Traditional ceramics are clay-based. The pottery categories shown here are earthenware, stone, and porcelain. The composition of the clays used, the type of additives, and firing temperatures determine the structure of the final product. The main types of pottery are defined as earthenware, stone, and porcelain.

Earthenware is widely used for tableware and decorative objects. It is one of the oldest materials used in pottery making. Clay fires at relatively low temperatures and forms a slightly porous, coarse product. To overcome its porosity, the fired object is coated with finely ground glass powder suspended in water and then ignited a second time.

The earliest forms of porcelain appeared in China around 1600 BC, and by 600 AD Chinese porcelain was a valuable product for Arab traders. Because porcelain is associated with China and is often used to make plates, cups, vases, and other fine art, it is often referred to as "fine china". Bone china, which is easier to make, harder to break, and stronger than porcelain, is made by adding ash from cattle bones to clay, feldspar minerals, and fine silica sand. Porcelain tile chip repair, whose short adventure is this, is used today for multiple purposes.

As a company, we produce porcelain tile products for the construction industry. We are proud to serve you with years of experience. If you want to use 24x24 porcelain tiles and their derivatives in your living spaces, contact us. You can visit our website online and create your orders. Your cargo will be delivered safely to your address as soon as possible. Our products that comply with quality standards also have a return guarantee.

Tile Type Singular Tile
Material Porcelain
Resistance Type Mildew Resistant; Stain Resistant
Floor Use Yes
Water Absorption Impervious
Water Performance Level Waterproof
Submersible Yes
Inside Installation Yes
Outdoor Installation Not Suitable for Outdoor Use
Tile Design Concrete Look
Porcelain Tile Size 24x24 inch
Finish Matt
Shape Square
Glazed No
Polish Finish N/A
Edge Type Pressed
Country of Origin China
Commercial Warranty No
Product Warranty / Warranty Length Yes / 1 Year
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