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Basketweave Waterjet Mosaic Crema Marfil and Pure White Marble 11.75"X11.75"

SHEET SIZE Sheet's size: 11.75"X11.75", and these products are sold by sheet.

COVERAGE Box coverage: 0.96 SF.

COLOR This product’s color options: Beige With White

RECOMMENDED INSTALLATION Floor, Wall, Accent, Backsplash, Shower

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Basketweave Waterjet Mosaic Crema Marfil and Pure White Marble 11.75"X11.75"

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Basketweave Waterjet Mosaic Crema Marfil and Pure White Marble 11.75"X11.75"



Choosing white and cream or lighter colors for bathroom marble waterjet mosaic helps to make it brighter than dark colors. Another trick is to use shiny, metallic, and patterned tiles that reflect light and increase the space. However, don't shy away from dark colors.

You can apply the carbonate, which turns into a paste by reacting with water, on dirty surfaces with the help of a sponge. After foaming and waiting for the stains to soften, you can clean the residues on the basketweave marble mosaics by wiping them with a wet sponge and cloth.

The simplest method to get the correct ceramic size is to measure the area to be coated with maximum accuracy. For this, a tape measure will give the most accurate result. First measure the edge of the floor closest to the bench. Then measure the short, remaining edges of the wall.
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Product Mosaic
Finish Polished&honed Mixed
Color - Color Dot Beige
Material Marble
Size 11.75"X11.75"
Chip Size None
Operation None
Thickness None
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