Arabescato Marble Tile Polished White Marble 12"x24"

Arabescato Marble Tile Polished White Marble 12"x24"

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Arabescato Marble 12”X24” Polished Marble is an Italian marble tile. Use this tile for aesthetic, contemporary and modern look on your kitchen and bathroom floors, rooms, hallways, main building entrances, commercial projects such as restaurant, hotels, stores and office floors, big wall projects preferred less grout lines.

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Arabescato, one of the marble varieties of the Versilia region. The gray veins on the white background are covered with harmony and a hint of gold adding finesse to the beauty of this stone. The small white round and oval texture of the Arabescato, which is formed by gray veins over a white background is, its criteria to distinguish this marble from other white marble families. Arabescato is preferred for commercial and residential projects for indoor and outdoor floor and wall coverings, kitchen and bathroom countertops; also available in varied sizes and mosaics. Therefore, it makes it more desirable choice for those projects that require soft neutral tones.

Product Tile
Finish Polished
Color - Color Dot White
Material Marble
Size 12"x24"
Chip Size None
Operation None
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