Arabescato Hexagon Mosaic Polished Marble
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Arabescato Hexagon Mosaic Polished Marble 12"x12" (2" Chip Size )

By using high technology, Italian Arabescato polished marble cut in 2 size hexagons and glued onto a 12 x 12 vinyl meshes to make these beautiful mosaics available to modern installers to give rise to their decorations

Arabescato hexagon polished marble mosaic tiles are perfect for your indoor and outdoor projects such as kitchen backsplashes, shower floors, shower enclosures, accent walls and many more

Arabescato Hexagon Mosaic Polished Marble 12"x12" (2" Chip Size )

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Arabescato, one of the marble varieties of the Versilia region. The gray veins on the white background are covered with harmony and a hint of gold adding finesse to the beauty of this stone. The small white round and oval texture of the Arabescato, which is formed by gray veins over a white background is, its criteria to distinguish this marble from other white marble families. Arabescato is preferred for commercial and residential projects for indoor and outdoor floor and wall coverings, kitchen and bathroom countertops; also available in varied sizes and mosaics. Therefore, it makes it more desirable choice for those projects that require soft neutral tones.
Product Mosaic
Finish Polished
Color - Color Dot None
Material Marble
Size 12"x12"
Chip Size 2"
Operation None
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    A: We are sorry to let you know that we are out of stock and we have to make it in our factory again which will take over 45 days because of the COVID 19, that is why we refund it your money back to your account. we are very sorry for the incontinence
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    A: Hello, At the end of this month, our ship is coming to the NY Port. We will deliver it immediately after it arrives. We wish you a nice day.
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    I really need this. I have been given different dates several times and need it installed.
    I really need this. I have been given different dates several times and need it installed.
    I really need this. I have been given different dates several times and need it installed.
  • Ronni Kadian (R***** K*****) 02/01/2021
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    A: Hello, This going to be shipped on Tuesday. Thank you
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  • K***** P***** 10/09/2019

    Great tile

    This tile is beautiful on my shower floor. Really nice.
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • B***** M***** 05/06/2019


    Beautiful classic backsplash. Perfect for a bathroom. I used in my guest bath. It was black and white and the marble looks great
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • S***** G***** 06/04/2018

    matches description

    very nice tile for kitchen backsplash Pros: great value
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • S***** M***** 02/10/2018

    Beautiful tile

    I used this on the floor of my newly decorated ensuite master bathroom shower. It is beautiful and very practical. It's a perfect design, and I am extremely pleased with it Pros: Beautiful tile, great value
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • J***** G***** 07/07/2019

    Great product

    I will be ordering for the shower floor of my bathroom Pros: smooth just tje right amount of shine so it is not slippery in a show Cons: No cons perfect product for my use
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • B***** G***** 05/05/2018

    great sample

    very fast delivery! perfect sample
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • D***** R***** 05/11/2018

    Great product

    This tile is beautiful and we received it so quick
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • R***** P***** 02/05/2019


    Exactly what i was looking for. The pattern looks great in person.
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • J***** S***** 04/01/2019


    This tile is really heavy and beautiful! I love the quality of it.
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • Y***** L***** 04/01/2019


    nice small mosaic
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • S***** E***** 06/07/2018


    Was shipped in a few days and turned out perfect. Looked just as it did on the photo.
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • I***** W***** 02/01/2019


    Love the look and the quality of this tile!
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • J***** F***** 04/07/2018


    Sample looks just as it does online
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • T***** E***** 09/09/2018

    Got a couple samples-order this one!

    Redoing an 1890 dutch colonial! Demo starts Jan 1 This is perfect
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • D***** L***** 07/08/2018

    great tile, quite smooth

    we havent installed yet, but we like the way it came
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • N***** B***** 12/05/2018

    Great flooring

    I got this item as a sample. I am planning on remodeling my bathroom. The sample looked just like it did in the picture. Can't wait to buy more of it and complete my bathroom remodel.
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • J***** T***** 11/03/2019

    Gorgeous stone

    Using in my bathroom so so pretty
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • A***** K***** 06/12/2018


    I love this Pros: Nicely made. Cons: none
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • J***** S***** 08/01/2019

    Great value

    Excellent price for this quality tile. Photo is accurate depiction. Well-packaged. I have ordered this tile twice for 2 different projects - no damage.
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • D***** M***** 10/24/2018

    One of my favorites

    I love the look it has. The marble is great quality
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • C***** R***** 03/15/2018

    Great product!!

    Beautiful back splash for kitchen remodel. Easy to keep clean. Pros: Great value. Cons: Not enough color options.
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • A***** T***** 11/20/2018


    The perfect floor.
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • N***** G***** 11/19/2018


    It is a different design piece for me but it looks very clean and simple
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • H***** G***** 04/27/2018

    Beautiful tile

    Tile is great and the price compared to local tile store was much less. Would highly recommend but don't forget to seal the tile!
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • A***** E***** 09/13/2019

    Pretty & Simple

    Liked it a lot, but tiles are mostly white. Perfect for a bathroom, very pretty and upscale.
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • C***** S***** 05/23/2019

    Loved this product!

    I loved this tile, but chose to go with a less pourus tile for ease of application.
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • J***** V***** 04/14/2018

    This was a nice tile sample and it matched the description.

    Great tile for the price and the colors were really pretty.
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • H***** Q***** 05/14/2019

    Beautiful Tile

    Cannot wait to have it installed. Using it as shower floor.
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • D***** V***** 02/23/2019

    marble floor tile

    Nice tile. adds good look to many color wall combinations.
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • J***** S***** 08/18/2018

    great product it will go great with my project

    it is just the color combination that i was looking for. it will go great with, the tile behind my cook top Pros: great value Cons: none that i know of
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • A***** O***** 03/18/2018

    Very nice, lends unique texture and style.

    VanitySale, Love all the tile options can't wait to use this unique design to add texture to a marble backsplash!
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • A***** B***** 12/18/2018

    Beautiful tile, looks much more expensive than it was!

    Very pleased with this tile. Arrived quick and in perfect condition.
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • F***** C***** 10/17/2018

    Affordable luxury

    I got this for my kitchen counter top, it's easy enough to install myself and I really love the pattern. No regrets, I may even like it better than a slab.
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • A***** E***** 11/30/2018

    Great product and great price.

    Good quality.
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • L***** C***** 04/23/2019

    Beautiful Tile

    The tile is beautiful. We are building a lake house and that's exactly where the tile will go on the floor of all of our bathrooms. Can't wait for it to be installed.
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • A***** S***** 09/14/2018

    As expected

    Quick delivery
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • L***** G***** 07/23/2019

    Thanks for the sample

    Made my buying choice so much easier. Ordered this after receiving 3 samples to compare!
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • W***** M***** 10/19/2018


    This is in contention for our masterbath floor. Great quality and very pretty.
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • A***** B***** 05/22/2018

    Beautiful Tile!

    In love with this tile and the price! Shipment was quick and easy… Pros: Everything Cons: None
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • M***** N***** 04/22/2018


    Ordered this along with a few other samples for our backsplash. It is very pretty! However, I decided the shape would go better in a bathroom. Our master bath is our next remodel project so we may go with this! Pros: Very pretty marble!
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • I***** A***** 08/23/2019

    very nice

    nice thick tile, very well put together
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • D***** H***** 04/28/2019

    Flooring in my spare bath

    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • E***** O***** 07/13/2018

    Colors are great!

    Colors are a great combination, can't wait to have fully installed!
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • L***** L***** 10/24/2018

    Good product good service

    Would have appreciated receiving this a bit earlier.
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • C***** A***** 12/26/2018

    Love this tile

    Great price and quality
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • L***** M***** 03/25/2018

    Beautiful quality product that looks as good in person as it does online

    The tile was exactly what I thought and it was shipped really quickly which is a plus when remodeling.
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • B***** S***** 06/26/2018

    Great Tile

    This tile is beautiful in person!
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • M***** R***** 05/28/2018

    Cannot go Wrong, Looks Great!

    It's a classic! Cannot go wrong and it is definitely a great quality. Pros: Price is good Cons: none!
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • F***** C***** 12/25/2018

    Used in a niche and shower floor.

    Exactly as I was hoping. Cant go wrong with this product!
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • C***** R***** 08/26/2018


    This tile is very beautiful, unfortunately it isn't going to work for my project. I will keep it in mind for other applications tho.
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
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