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Arabescato Herringbone Marble Polished Tile Sheet Size: 11"x11" (3/4"2" Chip Size) - Extra 9% off

1- Coverage: 0.88 SF/sheet

2- SAFE SHIPPING You make your arrangement, it is our work to convey it safely.

3- LONG-TERM USE Marble stone mosaic tiles are made of soil and are as tough as soil.

4- REFUND IS FREE In the event that you're not fulfilled, we ensure a prompt return.

5- ATTRACTIVE VIEW Mosaic marble shower floor tile isn't as it were a coating but moreover a work of art.

Arabescato Herringbone Marble Polished Tile Sheet Size: 11"x11" (3/4"2" Chip Size) - Extra 9% off

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VANITY SALE Arabescato Herringbone Mosaic Polished 11"x11" (3/4"2" Chip Size)

Arabescato Herringbone 12 X 12 Polished 3/4 X 2 Chip Size Mosaic Is From Versilia Region. The Gray Veins On The White Background Are Covered With Harmony And A Hint Of Gold. The Small White Round And Oval Texture Of The Arabescato, Which Is Formed By Gray Veins Over A White Background.


  • Bathrooms, toilets, and kitchens are protected from floor to wall with ceramics. Marble mosaic is recommended as the best coating material for all surfaces of balconies and terraces, which are called external wet areas. The most suitable coating material for the floors of the rooms, Tile Ceramic Applications, halls, corridors, and entrances of the houses is ceramic. Because ceramic prevents heat loss better and is less conducive to noise.

  • Marble is a History that has been used in many architectures throughout the Histories and has been left to us by our ancestors. Although there are many stones that can be used instead of marble, marble is a history, it has an indispensable nostalgia. As for usage areas in building insulation, in building areas that we call wet spaces. In outer space landscapes of buildings. Decoration of buildings such as hotels and shopping malls. In the common areas of buildings, marble stone mosaic tiles obtained from natural stone have been processed and used by people throughout history.

  • Marble, which was used in artistic fields due to its durability in ancient times, is used in the construction sector, decoration, ornaments, sculpture, and tombstone production. Slabs cut from large blocks and other dimensional mosaic marble shower floor tile can also be used as carrier columns in the interior and the exterior siding of buildings, stairs, kitchens, fireplaces, and bathrooms. Besides, ornaments, table, coffee table, trinket, chandelier, etc. Significant amounts of marble, colored marble, onyx marble, and green porphyry are consumed in the production of products.

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