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ALYA 4201 Single-Handle Chrome Bathroom Sink Faucet

Superior Quality: Manufactured with top-tier materials and industry-leading components for enduring functionality.

Single Lever: Provides simple control over temperature and water flow.

Cleaning: Easily maintain your faucet's shine with a soft cloth dampened with alcohol or soap.

Inclusive: Comes with all necessary mounting hardware for easy installation.

Durable Material: Made from solid brass for maximum longevity, and triple-plated finish for corrosion and rust resistance.

ALYA 4201 Single-Handle Chrome Bathroom Sink Faucet

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Discover a new standard in bathroom fixtures with our ALYA 4201 Single-Handle Chrome Bathroom Sink Faucet. Essential for every home, our faucet offers superior performance and longevity, setting you free from constant repairs and water wastage.

The ALYA faucet is an investment in quality. Its solid brass construction and chrome-plating resist corrosion and rust, promising durability. The faucet includes all mounting hardware, enabling swift and easy installation, similar to an IKEA bookcase. A single lever handle allows precise temperature and water flow control.

Purchase this single-handle faucet to bring reliability to your bathroom vanities. At Vanity Sale, we prioritize offering high-quality products at reasonable prices, ensuring you receive excellent value. Experience the difference of ALYA faucets today.

Product Single Faucet
Color Chrome
Finish Chrome
Operation Single Hole Faucet
Size H: 6" W: 4.5"
Thickness NONE
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  • Z***** w***** 09/24/2022

    Sturdy Faucet

    Sturdy looking faucet. Easy to install
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • D***** C***** 10/03/2022


    This faucet is amazing. Open and close are very easy. Great quality
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • A***** w***** 10/03/2022

    high quality

    High quality product!! Nice and cheap
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • A***** w***** 10/03/2022

    high quality

    High quality product!! Nice and cheap
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • M***** T***** 10/06/2022

    Value is nice

    Value is amazing for this nice faucets. So sleek, I will buy again
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • J***** B***** 10/06/2022

    useful and cheap

    Cheaper than others. Very useful. easy to install and use
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • B***** L***** 10/06/2022


    I bought the faucet to my mom as a mother's day gift!! They loved it!! Quality and Functional
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • E***** j***** 10/08/2022


    this faucet is very different!! very sturdy and modern style
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • A***** f***** 10/08/2022


    This faucet is amazing. Open and close are very easy. Great quality
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • P***** a***** 10/08/2022

    modern faucet

    Modern type of faucet. I think to buy another one
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • E***** m***** 10/09/2022

    Easy to install

    easy to install and mount!! Works great
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • H***** A***** 10/10/2022

    High quality

    I had some doubt about the quality of the faucet, but this is 100% high quality and worth it thanks
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • E***** c***** 10/10/2022

    modern faucet

    This faucet is modern for my little bathroom! Everybody loved this modernity
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • E***** w***** 10/10/2022

    good faucet

    I like a simpler look and layout in my bathroom. I don't like too colorful bathrooms. I bought this product with the same type of towel bar. There was both order and simplicity in my bathroom. Keeping the bathroom clean is also easier with this minimalist layout. I am very satisfied with this easy to install, comfortable to use product.
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
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