Acrylic Vanity Tops Sinks

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    Acrylic Vanity Top Sinks

    Acrylic is a 100% acrylic based surface coating material produced by casting technique. Acrylic vanity top sinks are much more useful than polyester, laminate and natural stones with its homogeneous and flexible structure, non-porous surface and jointless combination.

    Acrylic vanity top sinks are easy to clean thanks to its acrylic, non-porous surface and joint-free combination. Easily cleaned with acrylic, detergent, water and cloth. Acrylic vanity top sinks are decorative and creative. They have a silky surface. Impact, thermal shock and resistance to chemicals provide convenience in use. Homogeneous is not delaminated. May occur on heavy scratches, scratches and burn marks can be repaired with a simple sanding process. It is a fireproof material.

    The acrylic sink designs draws its inspiration from modernity and architectural elements. The crisp, clean lines of these sink eleganlty rest above the counter, evoking the splendor of fine antiques. We have many choices of acrylic top sinks , also various dimensions of acrylic sinks are available, too.