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Wall Tiles

Tiles are used more often in contact with water. Wall tiles are produced lighter than floor tiles. The reason for this is that it does not weight into the walls of the house. Wall Tiles that pass through a different production phase according to other tiles are subjected to low-temperature baking process. The reason for this process is to have more water absorption rate. However, wall tiles with high absorption rate are not used in flooring.

Wall tiles has low resistance to impacts. Do not use wall tiles that are produced for interior use on the exterior.

One of the biggest problems of wall tiles is that it isn't made the right choices in places with high humidity. Required processing must be taken to prevent moisture before applying tiles to walls.

These wall tiles will bring a chicness effect to your house. With several different models and shapes, they are ready to beautify the place they exist. These wall tiles have easy cleaning characteristics and they are scratch resistant. Other than that, they have strength and high density. These wall tiles can be used in any part of the house.