Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanities

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Canin 15 3/4" Glossy Walnut Bathroom Vanity
Canin 15 3/4" Glossy Walnut Bathroom Vanity
$1,052.00 $789.00
  • Vanity Hinges

    Soft Closing

  • Finish

    Eco Friendly Mdf

  • Vanity Handle

    Shiny White

  • Color

    Glossy Walnut

  • Width

    15 3/4"

  • Height

    23 3/4"

  • Material

    Matte Panel (mdf)

  • Vanity Operation

    Solid Surface Washbasin Material

    Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanities

    Bathroom cabinets can also be used as wall-mounted. It provides a different style and usage. They are appropriate for your home or office.

    One of the most preferred products for bathroom decoration is wall mounted bathroom vanity. Wall mounted bathroom vanities are in the category of bathroom vanities due to their different design and color options. Wall mounted bathroom cabinets can make your bathrooms more enjoyable places. Wall mounted bathroom vanities create more space for your bathroom.

    Wall mounted bathroom vanities are designed to provide convenience to you, our customers. They are being pre-assembled and ready for use makes it advantageous in setup to a large extent. Material that is used is mostly and generally MDF(medium-density fiberboard) which is the most common used and enduring plaque. They have soft-closing doors.

    We have a wide range of models according to various sizes and types of materials. Wall Mounted Bathrom Vanity models are available on our website and is being updated.