48 inch White Framed Bathroom Mirror - Bathroom Mirror For Wall
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VANITY SALE Otto 36 inch Black Framed Bathroom Mirror –Untouched Paint Black Color Remarkable Wall Mirrors 2 inch Frame

SAFE SHIPPING You will not have any problems with shipping from our company for this farmhouse bathroom mirror.

LONG-TERM USEAs a company, we have taken all the necessary precautions to use your bathroom vanity mirrors more

REMARKABLE SHARPNESS The ability of a discount bathroom mirrors to appeal to the eye is as important as its function. We have achieved this

DIMENSIONS H 32 x W 36 x D 3/4

24/7 SUPPORT AND WARRANTY All Vanity Sale items are under our guarantee and we are available 24/7 for getting contact with customers

VANITY SALE Otto 36 inch Black Framed Bathroom Mirror –Untouched Paint Black Color Remarkable Wall Mirrors 2 inch Frame

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VANITY SALE Otto 36 inch Black Framed Bathroom Mirror –Untouched Paint Black Color Remarkable Wall Mirrors 2 inch Frame

Detailed Information

Bathroom mirrors are sold with many models, features, usage areas, flat, MDF, led, set, decorative, plastic types, different sizes, reasonable prices. These black framed bathroom mirrors, which are used in places such as home and workplace, are produced in desired dimensions and dimensions. Our products, which are used in daily use places such as bathrooms, WC, are also used in washbasins in places such as hotels, cafes, and restaurants. In these places, the bathroom vanity mirrors that are made and hung with a simple and decorative frame can also be used by choosing among decorative mirror models.

It can be applied by two different methods, which can be hung on the wall and bonded. Bathroom mirror models are sold as a hanging, flat, led, decorated. What we call adhesion is the applications made to the wall in special sizes. We make these applications beveled and framed in all sizes you want.


Models of bathroom mirrors can be hung in different models as flat, special size, led, wood, decorated, decorative, plastic, gilded, framed, patterned, ready-made, and can be applied by a bonding method. One of the most expected features of a mirror is its durability. With these discount bathroom mirrors, you will meet the true meaning of quality. And all products are carefully packaged by our company, Vanity Sale, in order to avoid any problems during shipping. Thus, you will not have a problem to worry about in the shipping process.

Bathroom Mirror Usage Areas:

Bathroom mirror usage areas are bathrooms, sinks, and places with Restrooms. It is generally used on sinks, sinks, countertops. Bathroom mirrors are used at home, work, and private places. 

Width 36"
Height 32"
Depth 3/4"
Color Black
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