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Shower Pans

Hygiene and health are among the most important issues of our lives. For a healthy life, it is a clear fact that we should place a high level of importance for a clean home and personal hygiene. However, this is not the case in the bathrooms, In terms of cleaning and health should be given more importance in these places. The purpose of the construction of shower pans is to prevent water splashing around the bathroom and to protect personal privacy at the highest level. When shower pans are used, dirty and unhygienic water that occurs during your personal cleaning will not be scattered around and your bathrooms will always be more regular and clean. Shower pans are also very easy to clean, so you can have a healthy shower and hygiene in your bathroom. Shower pans are an important part of shower cabins. And you can access from our website.

These shower base are designed to bring comfort and expand the lifetime of the shower. They have high-quality scratch and stain resistant acrylic; Slip-resistant textured floor for safe showering which is a really important thing when buying shower base. Also, they have integrated tile flange for easy installation and waterproofing; cUPC certified.