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PentaUSA White Drywall Repair Patch Kit, Waterproof, Quick Fix 12.3 oz / 350gr

Waterproof and non-toxic: PentaUsa grout repair kits are waterproof and non-toxic, making it suitable for use in wet or damp environments. This means you can use the kit to repair damages in areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements.

Easy to use: This kit does not come with lengthy wait times or complex steps. Instead, it is a simple and effective way of fixing walls. You can use this to instantly repair everything from large holes to small scratches.

Organic formula: You can use this kit around children, seniors, and pets without any worry. It is made from 100% green ingredients. The wall mending paste is formaldehyde-free plant material, yet it is still extremely durable and waterproof.

Essential tools: You won't need to combine items from multiple kits due to PentaUsa. Buying the wall repair set provides you with paste to fill the hole, fiberglass patches to reinforce the repair, and sandpaper to smooth away any rough edges.

Scraper spatula design: This item is designed to make your job as easy as possible. Each corner has a different edge with different usage. You can use it for everything from applying paste to pressing it into holes to smoothing the surface.

PentaUSA White Drywall Repair Patch Kit, Waterproof, Quick Fix 12.3 oz / 350gr

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PentaUSA White Drywall Repair Patch Kit, Waterproof, Quick Fix 12.3 oz / 350gr

PentaUSA makes home improvement fast and easy. Whether you are dealing with a small nail hole or a large crack, this wall repair kit is the way to go. It can help you figure out how to manage a drywall repair hole. Not only can you do a wall cracks repair, but you can also repair smaller issues like dents, chips, or pinholes.

What comes in each handy PentaUSA kit? The kit comes with a fiberglass drywall repair patch for larger holes, sandpaper to blend your patch in with the rest of the wall, and a scraper to apply the wall repair agent. In addition to all the application tools, there is also our special wall repair paste.

The kit comes with a 12.3-ounce (350-gram) tube of wall repair paste. This paste has a shelf life of 36 months, and unlike other kits, it lasts 24 months after opening. The paste dries to a neutral white color that can be sanded and painted. This fast-drying, crack-resistant paste is incredibly strong and adheres firmly to holes and cracks. It is also waterproof, so it can help to keep water from damaging your drywall.

When you use PentaUSA's wall repair kit, you get a professional-looking finish that is just as sturdy as the original drywall. Using the kit is fast and easy, so you can do a DIY wall repair without any hassle or stress. In no time at all, you can banish unsightly cracks, holes, and other damage.

What Makes This Repair Kit So Special?

If you're looking for the simplest DIY do it yourself wall repair option, this is the kit for you. PentaUSA's kit stands out from the other basic drywall kits on the market. There are several benefits to selecting this convenient wall repair kit.

Reusable mending paste: Tired of wall repair kits that make you buy a huge tub of paste but dry out after one use? PentaUSA's special formulation ensures that you can continue using it for months. The paste comes in a tube, and when stored away from sunlight, it's reusable for up to 24 months. If you get another scratch or ding in your wall, you can just pull out your trusty PentaUSA tube instead of having to buy a brand-new kit.

Other features are mentioned in the 5 bullet points above.

Quickly Patch Your Drywall in 3 Simple Steps

Interested in learning how to repair drywall the right way? This drywall kit makes it quick and simple, and it has every tool you'll need. All you need to do is follow these steps.

Prepare the area that needs repairs: Remove any peeling paint or wallpaper with the scraper spatula. Use a damp cloth to clean the area and then allow it to dry thoroughly. This provides a clean surface for the patch to stick to.

Apply the mending agent and patch: Hold the fiberglass mesh patch over the area you need to mend, and then use the spatula to smooth the mending paste into place over the patch. Continue scraping it until it looks even and smooth. It will be dry in just minutes. For very deep holes, two coats may be necessary.

Sand and finish: Once the wall repair paste is dry to the touch, use the sandpaper to gently buff the surface. Smooth away any spatula marks or ridges that stand out along the wall. Pay extra attention to the edges to blend them seamlessly with the surrounding wall. If desired, you can cover the hole in wall repair with fresh paint or wallpaper to completely hide any sign of previous damage.

For best results, store the kit away from sunlight when not in use and make sure the tube is securely closed. Keep away from pets and children to prevent any accidents. Try to avoid touching the wall while the paste is drying because your fingers may leave marks. Our Brand youtube video and social media post 

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