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Pallet Porcelain Tile Ark Anthracite Glossy 24"X48" - An Extra 7% off

BOX COVERAGE This tile's size: 24"X48”, thickness: 0.35", and these products are sold in pallets.

PALLET COVERAGE Box quantity: 16 SF, pallet quantity:512 SF, and pallet weight: 1SQ FT=5 LBS.

RECOMMENDED INSTALLATION Cheap porcelain tiles that can be utilized both on the dividers and floors of your home.

SAFE SHIPPING Wherever you're, our items are conveyed to you in a strong way.

24/7 SUPPORT Our modern porcelain tiles have all national and universal quality guarantees.

Pallet Porcelain Tile Ark Anthracite Glossy 24"X48" - An Extra 7% off

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$8,619.52 $3,314.50 PALLET
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Ceramic products that fascinate us with their appearance actually have one disadvantage: fragility. Traditional ceramics or pottery were used in jobs where they would not face great pressure because we know that ceramic plates and pots break easily. New industrial ceramics are made with methods that make them much more durable. There are two main ways to do this. One is to make the ceramics very dense. The denser a substance, the fewer voids in its structure, the harder it is to break. Another way to make durable ceramic is to prevent small cracks from turning into larger ones. For example, steel bars are used to support concrete in structures. Another way is to add special particles into the ceramic. These particles prevent the shape of the ceramic article from changing by any impact.

The energy of the impact is absorbed as these particles change their shape and cannot change the shape of the object. This change of small particles, invisible to the naked eye, gives the ceramic durability.
Durable ceramics made with this method are as strong as steel. They are used in the construction of car engines and turbine blades in aircraft, as they are not affected by high temperatures. Nowadays, some metals are coated with ceramic to protect them from rusting. However, ceramics are not applied as a thin layer on metals like paints used for the same purpose.

In this method, ceramics bind to metals so strongly at the atomic level that A new substance is formed, which is neither entirely porcelain tile 24x48 nor metal. These substances combine the heat resistance of ceramics with the hardness of metals. This is how the insulation plates used in the space shuttle are made of ceramic and silica wires. As you can see, the porcelain tile reaches our house by passing through many stages until it becomes durable. Our modern porcelain tile products are produced with this latest technology and comply with national and international quality standards.

Through our website, you can easily access our color and design varieties and order the products you like. Your cargo will be delivered safely to your address in a short time. Our company is the address of quality and trust in ceramics.

Tile Type Singular Tile
Material Porcelain
COLOR Anthracite (Dark gray)
Resistance Type Mildew Resistant; Stain Resistant
Floor Use Yes
Water Absorption Impervious
Water Performance Level Waterproof
Submersible Yes
Inside Installation Yes
Outdoor Installation Not Suitable for Outdoor Use
Tile Design Concrete Look
Porcelain Tile Size 24x48 inch
Finish Glossy
Shape Rectangular
Glazed No
Polish Finish N/A
Edge Type Pressed
Country of Origin China
Commercial Warranty No
Product Warranty / Warranty Length Yes / 1 Year
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