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Otto Mirror Asu 24 inch Round Metalic Gold Color Covered 24 inch

This mirror is absolutely necessary for putting make up, shaving or to look yourself

Get ready to add a sophisticated and classical touch to any room with this Golden Colored Round Framed Wall-Hang Mirror

Designer mirror frame, clean lines and magnificient satin finish provides elegant and classical look

This timeless and plain wall mirror / vanity mirror will bring a simple classiness to your living room and bathroom

Surrounding frame is made out of metallic gold foil on MDF material.

Otto Mirror Asu 24 inch Round Metalic Gold Color Covered 24 inch

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Otto 24-inch round mirror – Redefining beauty in any room

Who said a mirror couldn’t be practical and fancy-looking at the same time? The beautifully shaped one from Otto is pretty conclusive proof that functionality and elegance can meet in a single piece. This 24-inch round gold mirror will enrich the design of your bathroom, living room, or wherever you hang it. It comes pre-assembled, so you only have to choose the place where you want to mount it.

As the 24-inch round bathroom mirror, it looks great with any tile color and sits flawlessly above the sink area or vanity. And if you want to hang it above some storage cabinet next to your bed, you’ll be amazed. Paired with the satin finish and gold foil frame, the reflective surface of the Otto 24-inch round wall mirror will make your room visually larger and serve as an outstanding decorative item. Rest assured that no one will resist admiring themselves by taking a look.

Its frame is made of E1-certified MDF, meaning that it’s 100% safe. What’s more, this gold metal round mirror will take the difficulty out of your maintenance routine. Paper towels and water are your best friends to keep it like new forever.

Diameter 23 5/8"
Mirror Material Gold Covered
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