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Milano Gray Basketweave Mosaic Honed With Gray Dot Marble 12"x12"

1- USAGE AREAS You can use our easy-to-clean and stylish-looking tiles in your bathroom with pleasure.

2- 24/7 SUPPORT You can call us in our marble mosaic bathroom at any time.

3- APPEARANCE We have tiles that give your home a completely different look.

4- REFUND IS FREE It is possible to have it repaid free of charge without any problems.

5- DESIGN OPTIONS We can adjust our basketweave marble mosaic tile as you wish by giving any shape

Milano Gray Basketweave Mosaic Honed With Gray Dot Marble 12"x12"

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VANITY SALE Milano Gray Basketweave Mosaic Honed With Gray Dot Marble 12"x12"

Milano Gray Basketweave 12 X 12 Honed With Gray Marble Mosaic For Its Cloudy Structure Is Particularly Suitable For Indoor And Outdoor. Milano Gray Has Gray Background Color Marble That Can Also Bring Shades Of Neutral Colors. Its Honed Finish Guarantees The Non Slippery For External Projects.

Useful information when stocking and applying marble tile products:
• While stocking, when transporting the tiles, be sure to tie them with rope or similar materials and fix them using brackets. This application will prevent the tiles from being broken by preventing them from moving in the transported vehicle.
• Check your order personally. Make sure that the boxes are not opened. Read the instructions for use on the box. Make sure that the color and caliber codes on the packaging are the same.
• After receiving the product, open boxes from different pallets and lay them on the floor. If feedback is to be made about our products, it should be determined at this point.
• The application area should be bright enough. The application floor must be clean. The application floor should be smooth.
• Discount marble mosaic tile should be laid with joints, leaving at least 1-2 mm of joint space, depending on the size, purpose of use, and physical condition of the space. Because, in the course of time, changes in the volume of ceramic marble mosaic bathroom (growth-shrinkage) occur in the face of temperature differences. When preparing the adhesive mortar, the instructions on the package should be followed.
• Our Antislip products are only outdoor products and install them on wet floors and places such as poolside. Never install these products in indoor areas.

• Basketweave marble mosaic tiles should be spread over the surface in a regular and harmonious manner. Joint gaps should be equal.
• There should not be bumps and holes on the floor.
• There should be no level differences in the form of ladder steps.
• Tiles should not be broken, cracked, or dislocated.
• There should be no cracks and dislocations in the joints.
If you want, experienced ceramic masters are provided by our company.
Your orders will be delivered to your address in a short time with secure cargo.

Product Mosaic
Finish Honed
Color - Color Dot Gray
Material Marble
Size 12"x12"
Chip Size None
Operation None
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