Graphite Basketweave Mosaic Polished With White Dot Marble 12 inc...
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Graphite Basketweave Mosaic Polished With White Dot Marble 12"x12"

1- USAGE AREAS For detailed information about usage areas, please visit our website.

2- SAFE SHIPPING We deliver our mosaic marble tables to you without any breakage or cracking.

3- EASY TO CLEAN We added an easy cleaning feature as a precaution to the accidents that may occur in daily life.

4- DIMENSIONS Set the place where you will use our products and let our company adjust its dimensions.

5- LONG-TERM USE There will be no breakage in our products that are used for a long time.

Graphite Basketweave Mosaic Polished With White Dot Marble 12"x12"

This product is currently not available in our USA warehouses, it will come directly from the factory for the PRE-ORDER

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VANITY SALE Graphite Basketweave Mosaic Polished With White Dot Marble 12"x12"


  • We all know that ceramics, which can be found generally in our bathrooms, but also everywhere from the kitchen in our home to the dining hall in our workplace, are useful building materials. Reflecting the design to every space where it is used with original and creative applications, ceramic marble mosaic tile transforms many spaces from the exterior to the garden, from the balcony to the pool, from the durability and hygienic bathroom to all areas of the house, into inspiring living spaces.

  • Wall and floor ceramic collections in different styles add value to the spaces where they are used. It creates inspiring atmospheres by combining patterns, colors, and textures bearing the traces of the past with today's design trends. In this area, our company offers you ceramic options in different forms with the striking views of our company.

  • Thanks to its harmonious texture, our ceramics save you from many financial burdens. For example, if one of the ceramic tiles in your bathroom breaks, you don't have to renew it completely. Just putting a tile in place of the broken tile will do the whole job. Thanks to its solid structure, there will be no difference between your new tile and your old tiles.

  • Thanks to this difference in our ceramics with different flooring styles, you can make your bathroom different from everyone else. In fact, if you create a combination between the pattern, picture, or another image you prefer and the flooring style, you can transform your bathroom into another space.

  • At the same time, ceramics, which are ecological American marble mosaic company, increase your quality of life and continue to increase the quality of life in the world. The clean energy used in the production phase, the raw material coming from nature, and being a recyclable material is a very important factor for the environment and your health. Our ceramics, which are the longest-term compared to other coating models, are also affordable. If you want to have your work done partially or completely on ceramic in a part of your house, it is useful to contact us.

Product Mosaic
Finish Polished
Color - Color Dot White
Material Marble
Size 12"x12"
Chip Size None
Operation None
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