Crema Nova Marble Tile Polished 12"x12"

Intrinsic superiority and elegance makes it an excellent alternative to expensive marble tiles

Crema Nova 12x12 Polished marble tile with its beauty and reasonable price will be your first choice for your indoor and outdoor project such as kitchen and bathroom floors, rooms, hallways, main building entrances, commercial projects like restaurant floors, hotels, stores and office floors where elegant and stylish look is desired

Crema Nova Marble Tile Polished 12"x12"

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Crema Nova is a beige marble with less veins and lighter beige tones in it. The intricate details that this natural stone possess under a highly polished surface provides the most beautiful and elegant appearance in the bathroom designs. Crema Nova is a natural stone that is very popular when a natural and clean look is desired. It can be a perfect choice for those who like a soft but bright appearance. Crema Nova will add a calm and pleasant look to your living space. It is highly preferred by hotels, commercial complex buildings and even offices that want to gain an ethnic look. If we evaluate this natural stone in terms of places and use, the most common areas are kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and other rooms.

Product Tile
Finish Polished
Color - Color Dot None
Material None
Size 12"x12"
Chip Size None
Operation None
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