How to Make My Small Bathroom Look Bigger?
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How to Make My Small Bathroom Look Bigger?

In addition, bathrooms often don’t receive so much natural light. So, if you have a small bathroom, it probably looks gloomy, and you must squeeze several fixtures in the same place. It is a very challenging situation indeed! However, in this post, you can learn a couple of budget-friendly tricks and make your small bathroom seem spacious! The following suggestions can transform your small (perhaps even windowless) bathroom into an enjoyable and bright space!

·    Put a large mirror. If you already have a mirror in your bathroom, replace it with a larger one. Mirrors create the illusion of a spacious environment and reflect the light in the place. A super-sized mirror is easy to install, and it’s not that expensive to apply it. If you choose a frameless one, this will add the feeling of more space.
·    Do your best to increase natural light in the bathroom. You may not bring radical change about natural light in an already constructed room; however, it is still possible to make some effective interventions. For example, you can replace the clear glass windows and skylights with frosted glass so that you can get rid of curtains while still having privacy. Please make sure the windows and skylights don’t have painting or stain over them. If they do, clean them with warm water, detergent, and a scrub. If they are broken, repair them so that you can use them in full performance. You can also put some other light sources in the room, but they will narrow down space and not be as powerful as natural light. So, consider them as the last option.
·    Give up your bathroom vanity cabinet. I prefer a pedestal sink or a cantilevered countertop instead. Yes, vanity cabinets give you the chance to store many items behind closed doors. However, they occupy so much floor space, unlike pedestal sinks and cantilevered countertops. In this case, you will lose some part of your storage space, but you can think of alternative options, such as keeping some of the items in another room.
·    If you have a small bathroom, it’s good to go easy on decorative accessories. Please keep it simple, or it will lead to clutter. Other rooms are still available for your favorite items and decorative ideas.
·    Go easy on your color and pattern choices as well. Sharp color contrasts and dividing lines will make the bathroom seem smaller. Light colors and blurred patterns, on the contrary, create a more smooth and airy feeling. Choose the same color for the walls, floor tiling, and ceiling if possible. If you apply tiles on the wall, extend them until the top creates a sense of completeness.
We have listed several tactics to make your bathroom seem more significant. The rest is up to your imagination. Have fun!

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