How to Build a Shower Pan on a Wood Floor?
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How to Build a Shower Pan on a Wood Floor?

A shower is an indispensable addition to a bathroom. The most challenging part of building a shower is installing a waterproof pan on the floor. It is even more difficult on a wood floor since even a tiny amount of leakage may cause rot and fungus growth. If this happens, all your efforts will go to the drain (no pun intended!). Following the steps explained below, you can construct a waterproof shower pan on a wood floor. Yes, it seems complicated but working patiently and carefully, you can have your DIY shower pan!

  • Apply mortar to the wood floor in the work area. Before moving forward with the installation, the drain base opening needs to be protected. You can use duct tape to cover it. To provide the shower liner with some slope, cover tar paper on the mortar. This way the water will be adequately shed.
  • Install the shower pan liner. Before you need to determine the dimensional requirements of your pan liner. It should be cut to size large enough to cover the entire floor. Place it to go up to walls to an adequate height and cover the shower curb. Do not use nails in this phase and be very careful because this is where you secure the liner to prevent the water from leaking and rotting the wood floor.
  • Cut a hole in the shower pan liner for the shower drainpipe. Make sure that you cover some part of the inner sides of the pipe so that the water on the liner will directly flow down into it.
  • With the help of corner movement profiles, you can eliminate the need for a sealer. Apply a layer of thin-set at the seams, put the corner movement profiles onto them, and apply another layer of thin-set. Let them dry for a night and it is ready.
  • Nail the tile backer board on the walls of the shower area. Leave some gaps at the bottom of the sidewalls for the ceramic tiles applied to the shower floor.
  • Tile the whole area. First, use grout on the tile and then grout sealant on the floor. Cover the shower floor and curb. Once they get dry and fixed, protect the floor with plastic. Use the same method to apply tiles on the side walls.

If you have a wood floor in your bathroom that looks like a perfect area for installing a shower, you can follow the steps explained above and build a shower pan from scratch! Although it seems to be a complicated process, you only need some patience and attention to make your shower pan.

Tulug Z. Akkas

He graduated from BlackSea Technical University/Turkey in 1994 as a Civil Engineer. He worked on many road projects a building construction. He is still working on building projects.