How to Build a Bathroom from Scratch
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How to Build a Bathroom from Scratch

Make a detailed drawing with all the dimensions on it. By transferring all the measurements from the picture onto the wall and measuring them up, you can verify every detail and avoid any mistakes. Having the right approach at the beginning will lead you to manage the rest correctly and in a stress-free way. Identifying what you want clearly at the beginning will reward you at the end!


The design phase also includes the decision of where to install the bathroom unless space is already predetermined. If you are building a home from scratch, choose a place for the bathroom strategically. It should not be far from the kitchen since both rooms need water. It should also be close to the bedrooms.


Identify your needs and wants. How many people use the bathroom? Do you have enough budget for a bathtub? Do you want underfloor heating? Set your budget realistically and make your decisions based on it. Once you have identified how much you want to spend, decide how the basic layout will be. When your budget does not let you reach what you desired, make your research to find alternative ideas. For example, if you have enough space for a bathtub but not enough budget to install one, you can instead build an oversized shower with a bench inside.


It is pretty easy to get lost in the catalogs with all the attractive designs and trendy fixtures. Please stick to one style and make your decisions around it. Whenever you decide on something, take note and update your budget. That way you will be able to visualize the overall design and not lose track of your expenditures. Try to achieve a thematic harmony with the other parts of the house.

While making your decisions about the materials, consider how easy it is to maintain and clean them. For example, surfaces with large mirrors will necessitate a frequent cleaning since they will reflect the fingerprints more than matted or textured surfaces. If you don’t have a second bathroom, make an alternative arrangement for you and your family when the bathroom is being built.

Depending on which parts of this building process will be DIY, you will need help from specific tradespeople such as plumbers, builders, electricians, tilers, and painters. Make your search to find some bathroom specialists who preferably work in teams, negotiate for a reasonable time and price, and start!

Keep in mind that you will need some time to clean the bathroom afterward. You might also need some extra budget if you hire someone. Make your arrangements accordingly.

Once the work is complete, go over it elaborately. It is much easier to fix any mistakes at that moment than later. Since you are the one who will be living there, you must sit easily with it! Check for a wide range of products and get in touch with us for further advice now!

Cagan Semiz
Civil Engineer,2021

He graduated from Istanbul Technical University/Turkey in 2021 as a Civil Engineer. He worked as an intern on some projects. He writes a blog to talk about his experiences.