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Small Size Bathroom Design Ideas | Vanity Sale

We can say that “bathing culture” has a considerable importance in our lives, since human beings identified the body cleanliness with spiritual cleansing and accepted the purifying effect of water both on physical and soul. Starting from early ages, since the water has been a soul purifying material in almost all forms of beliefs, purification of the body with water has become an important vital cycle for people like baptism, washing in the sacred waters of the Ganges River and ablution. 

From Ancient Greek street baths to washing rooms, Asian saunas to Turkish baths bathing culture has taken shape in every era and culture, and finally got the form of modern house bathrooms by settlement of sewer system.

As a consequence of such a long transition and an important need, having modern and well decorated bathrooms in the houses has begun to be seen as a prestige element.

In this article, we will give you some tips about bathroom designing that we think would inspire you. If to enjoy the Turkish Bath in your home is what you also desire, let us walk you through this bathroom design. We believe that even though your bathroom is not large enough, you will find a way to make it spacious and practical with these ideas.

You can even complement this idea with a marble basin placed under this faucet. Built-in bench inside the shower enclosure will be a good solution for those who like to sit while bathing.

One of the effective ways to show smaller bathrooms larger is the matching tiles used on the floor and walls.

You can also create chic and modern design in your bathrooms by using different color and patterned tiles. Using modern bathroom accessories will be an effective way too.

The shower built with frosted glass shower doors, help your shower looks more spacious and modern.

Metal shower heads complement the modern look of your design.

Material used for the vanity counter top is granite, a type of natural stone. 

Granite vanity counter top in earth tones that suits perfectly to the bathroom designed in beige tones, stands out with its color as well as its strength and durability.

Designs printed on tiles complement the traditional look of the bathroom.

If you are dreaming about a classic, rustic or colonial style bathroom decoration, you can take advantage of same type of tiles with design. Tiles with design and glaze, will perfectly suit traditional bathroom ideas. 

Many detailed features of the bathroom provide practical use

The bathroom cabinet in beige tones used with granite counter top complemented the bathroom style with its light beige tones and provided a storage space for your towels and bath essentials. 

Fehim Akkaya