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How To Care For Granite Countertops | Vanity Sale

Taking care of granite countertops: Maintenance guide for daily use

Choosing the right countertop for your kitchen or bathroom always comes down to its look and wear resistance. If you want such a unique combo, granite options will tickle your fancy for sure. They are prized for the irresistible beauty of natural stone slabs, made complete with earthy colors that fit any interior. Plus, they add value to your place – all while being highly durable and resistant to surface chips and scratches. That said, you should never gloss over granite countertop care.

Despite being robust, granite counters do require occasional maintenance. If you want your one to last for half a century or something, do not neglect taking good care of it from time to time. And the first thing to do is to keep it sealed.

Because granite is a strong yet porous material, it may absorb liquids if spilled. That is why a sealant should always be at your hand. Here’s when to apply it:

  • If you can’t remember the last time you sealed it. Has your kitchen or bathroom unit been a focal point of your place for years? The chances are, it needs to be resealed, and this is where your care for granite countertops at home begins.
  • If you’ve just bought a counter that hasn’t been pre-sealed. Before putting it in place, make sure it will last as long as possible. For this, stick to the manufacturer’s guide on applying a sealant to protect your unit’s glossy shine and keep unwanted stains at bay.

The best way to care for granite countertops if there are spills

First, take a deep breath. If it’s properly sealed, its look won’t be ruined just because you’ve accidentally spilled something on it. Then arm yourself with a paper towel, a damp cloth, soap, and a neutral cleaner to fight:

  • Water spills. Blot them with a towel without spreading them over the granite surface. Let it dry, and rest assured that it won’t go south.
  • Oil spills. Try to remedy the situation with a damp cloth. If it doesn’t help, add baking soda with water to your granite countertop care routine. Leave this mixture there for some time.
  • Wine and coffee spills. When there’s a risk of nasty marks, the best way to care for granite countertops is to use soap and some neutral cleaner. Make sure it doesn’t contain bleach, ammonia, and acidic components as they may destroy the sealing.

If you don’t face any spill-related problems, you can still apply a universal cleaner once a week to care for granite countertops at home. It will do nicely with a granite-friendly disinfection solution.

Where to get a sleek countertop for your bathroom?

At VanitySale, we’ve got a plethora of granite vanity tops for all tastes and budgets. Those who gravitate towards the pure beauty of natural stone won’t be disappointed. The smoothly polished, shiny addition to your bathroom is waiting for you. Go to the selection on our website or contact us to get help choosing one. We can also provide more granite countertop care tips if needed.