5 Important Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Ceramic Tiles Clean
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5 Important Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Ceramic Tiles Clean

In our living spaces, we have ceramic and porcelain surfaces especially in bathrooms and kitchens. Although use of these surfaces is extremely practical, if they are not properly installed, grouted and sealed, they may cause a terrible look over time. 

In our post today, we share 5 important tips about how to clean and keep our ceramic and porcelain tiles always clean.

What to do in order to avoid this vision

1) Proper installation, regular cleaning

Ceramic and the porcelain tiles require zero maintenance; however, the grout lines get darker and using faulty surface cleaners causes the tiles to lose their shine by the time and get dull. Using strong limescale removers to clean your grouts is a big mistake that you make in bathroom cleaning. This method, which is most of the time preferred for quick cleaning, can cause the tiles to wear out, to creak their glaze and to become stained and look dirty eventually. To use products specifically produced for grout cleaning will be the best way of cleaning your grout lines. Choosing a brush instead of a sponge while cleansing the joints is a good choice in terms of practicality. Saving your old toothbrushes for this purpose is just a great idea.

2. An angle towards the drain

We have mentioned that tiles that are not installed properly will wear out and look dirty sooner. Right installation with an angle on the shower floor towards the drain, prevents the accumulation of water and prevents formation of lime stain and mold.  and fungus. When choosing the contractors, it is a good idea to make sure that they are well experienced in shower tray and bathroom floor tiling.  

3) Keeping the surfaces dry all the time 

Tiles are for sure water-resistant products, but this does not mean keeping them wet all the time will not cause any problem. Wet or damp surfaces are the main cause of mold. 

4) Alternative detergents

You can use warm water with carbonate as an alternative to tile cleaning products. Using a small amount of bleach in light solid colored tiles will also work well. You can use a toothbrush or a hard sponge when applying grout cleaners. If you do not want to use a special grout cleaner, prepare a mixture of warm water and bleach, spray it on the surface and clean with toothbrush. Then rinse the area with warm water and a soft sponge. You can increase the amount of bleach in the mixture if you think you need. to the need.

5. Protect grout with white wax

And finally, let us give you our 5th tip. If you want the grout lines look like the first day, ideally just after the tiles are installed or after a good cleaning you can create a protective layer by running white wax through the grout line.And if you want to clean, please take a look PentaUSA Grout Repair kit.