Single Hole Bathroom Faucets
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Single Hole Bathroom Faucets

Unbeatable single-hole sink faucets you can’t miss

Are you swapping your existing two-handle faucet for a new single-hole sink fixture? Avoid making hasty decisions as you don’t want to wind up using a junky one. There’s a boatload of great single-hole bath faucets, but cheaply made options are just as bountiful.

Keep reading, and you’ll get to know which single-handle faucets are designed to rock it (and which are not).

Chrome and single-hole bath faucets are bosom buddies

The best faucet is the one that matches your bathroom. And the balanced look is due in no small part to its finish. If it’s in harmony with your walls, towel bars, and drawer handles, you can be sure you couldn’t get a better one.

That’s why chrome is the top choice for most single-handle bathroom sink faucets. This finish creates:

  • a polished look that shines well with modern vanities and shower stalls
  • reliable protection against heavy use
  • a well-kept washing area with minimum efforts needed to make things look tidy

Some other finish options can also work wonders for these faucets, but they are usually more expensive. If you don’t need any costly bells and whistles, you can’t go wrong with chrome.

The right faucets with the right valves

You might be looking for a single-hole sink faucet because you’re fed up with the water leaking from both hot and cold handles of your existing one. It’s defective washers, O-rings, or other parts that are to blame. It’s crucial to get a faucet with quality valves to ensure this will never happen with your new fixture.

These valves are responsible for mixing water as you move the handle. But if they are shabby, they can lead to nasty water leaks, too. Ideally, your single-hole bathroom sink faucet should come with the valves made of high-grade materials, like ceramic. If their reliability is proven, you can bid farewell to that irksome dripping sound.

Let it match, let it fit

Going for a single-hole bathroom sink faucet means you’re after a compact fixture. But your perfect choice doesn’t come down to the number of handles only. If there isn’t much space to fit it in, don’t forget to consider how high it is.

It all depends on your vanity type and bathroom cabinets. Tall-spout faucets and some pull-down options may be slightly oversized to be snugly placed on your sink. So, measure the area your fixture is supposed to sit in before choosing.

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