Shower door installation: How to do it right the first time?
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Shower door installation: How to do it right the first time?

A shower door is a more elegant alternative to traditional curtains. Despite being a decent option to hide your tub, they are likely to collect bacteria and result in frequent water drops on your bathroom floor. Unlike them, glass enclosures provide a better seal without those chilly drafts. The downside is that the shower door installation process is way more daunting than hanging the rod and attaching curtains with rings.

That said, if you have the right tools and a clear-cut guide at your fingertips, you can put in your new door in a snap. In most cases, the process takes a couple of hours or so.

The guide for DIYers who don’t feel like hiring a shower door installation contractor

Before choosing from shower door models, you have to take accurate measurements. Depending on what type of an enclosure you’re installing (sliding or pivoting), you need to determine the length of tracks, wall columns, clearance space, etc. Exact measurements are of paramount importance to ensure that your glass panels will be level, opening smoothly in the desired direction.

Here’s what you will need to do after marking all the areas for door installation:

  • Make sure the threshold is securely placed and seamlessly aligned with your center marks. Apply caulking underneath to protect your bathroom from unwanted leaks, mold, and mildew.
  • Drill holes based on your measurements. If you’ve chosen to forego professional shower door installation services, keep in mind that you may need drills bits of various sizes. Be careful when making the holes to avoid tile cracks.
  • After drilling, remove the debris and insert anchor pieces into the holes. They are used to ensure the firm grip for screws when putting wall columns in place.
  • Install side jambs and place your shower door on the base track. Screw all parts in and use a level to check whether the enclosure is aligned properly. Slide or open your door several times to find out if it requires any adjustments.
  • Caulk the enclosure to ensure adequate water protection. Be sure to do so for outside and inside seals and leave it to dry. How long you will have to wait depends on what type of caulk you’re using.

There’s no denying that the cost to install a shower glass door on your own is much lower than hiring a pro. But sometimes, you’re still better off entrusting a skilled handyman with the job.

When is it worth using professional shower door installation services?

A DIY approach is not your best way to go if you’re planning to put in a frameless door. Because installing such an elaborate enclosure is labor-intensive, it’s recommended that you leave this to an experienced specialist.

Additionally, if you don’t have all those tools, consider turning to your local shower door installation contractor. Many companies are out there to help you end up with a spotless enclosure for a reasonable fee. Do your research to find top-rated contractors in your area and get a bead on how much it costs to install a shower glass door.
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