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How To Install A Bathroom Vanity | Vanity Sale

How To Install A Vanity

Some people don't know how to do installing a new vanity or installing bathroom vanity. Therefore, we are going to about how to install it.

Firstly, the walls where the cabinets are mounted must be smooth and clean. Hold it straight to it to make sure it's flat. The box is opened with a knife from not to damage the cabinet. During vanity installation, touch the short pieces of wood shingles under and / or behind the cabinets to make slight adjustments. If irregularities are important, compensate them using a line iron. If the medicine cabinets are to be loaded with heavy items such as small household appliances or large containers of bath cleaners, they must be firmly secured to the studs on the wall.

The parts inside the box are placed on a clean surface. Group the items in the accessory box. Install the accessories on the parts, following the instructions in the installation manual. Mount the legs of the cabinet on the lower where the holes are open. After placing the door to the vertical position, attach the hinges. Bring the cabinet to the place you have set in the bathroom, and adjusted to a straight level. If the sink is designed by integrating it into the vanity, make the wall fixing by placing the sink on the vanity. Fill the space between the wall and the sink with silicone to protect it against water. You can follow the vanity installation instructions and enjoy after installing.

Fehim Akkaya - Kagan Semiz
Sales manager - Architecture Student