Bathroom cabinet décor ideas
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Bathroom cabinet décor ideas

Bathroom cabinet décor ideas for an eye-catching spruce-up

A bathroom is one of the few places that we all need for some “me-time”. Isn’t it the most important thing when you’re at home? We think so, which is why we’ve dreamed up some bathroom vanity and cabinet ideas to make your place best-looking. Whether you drop over for a quick hairdo or a long shower, you should groove on what you see around.

10 Custom bathroom cabinet ideas to fall in love with your place

Believe it or not, cabinetry is not only for storage. Explore what you can do about it to make it in sync with your décor style:

  • Make it soar with a floating vanity 

Floating vanities look irresistible in both small and large bathrooms. Those with glossy finishes streamline the reflective beauty enhanced with a warm shine. You’ll be taken aback by their minimalist sleekness that becomes a focal point in white or wood tones.

  • Give open shelving a shot

It’s okay when you put toiletries and cosmetics out of sight. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with being open. And enclosed dressers are not your only option. Modern bathroom cabinet ideas also include open shelving, turning your beauty products into a colorful appeal.

  • Install a nook cabinet

Are you wondering how to use that corner space in your powder room? See whether a nook cabinet fits it. Most designs are extra-narrow to stand just right, giving your bathroom a decorative wood accent.

  • Choose graceful curves

Treat yourself to contemporary bathroom cabinet ideas for design excellence. Curved countertops blend well with all modern styles. One more advice: these bathroom vanities make elegant companions to arched mirrors!

  • Or keep it perfectly straight

Straight lines are known for their timeless beauty. In bathrooms, they find their way into cabinets, tiles, mirrors, and even bathtubs. Be consistent all over your décor to retain their genuine allure.

  • Accentuate the antique feel with lighting

If you’re engrossed in the charm of the 19th century, why not bring a tiny bit of it into your place? Start by installing candle wall sconces above your countertop. Then you can try more bathroom cabinet décor ideas, like buying vintage furniture.

  • Adorn your bathroom with the Mr. & Mrs. design

Having plenty of space in your bathroom is not only about installing a huge bathtub. For a significant decorative whiff, you can also get a 2-sink vanity for Mr. and Mrs. with some dressing area in between.

  • Go retro

Experiment with evocative bathroom vanity and cabinet ideas. Pedestal sinks, slightly yellowish tones, unpretentious shelving, and wall pictures will hearken back to the good-old retro style.

  • Customize your storage

Bathroom storage options, such as cabinets, drawers, and shelves, can look exclusive to your place. How? Make the most of some bells and whistles, like custom dividers, racks, and trails.

  • Combine wood with metal

Shiny metal handles and pulls break the monotony of solid wood. Together they create a perfectly balanced cubby in the splendid mix of decorative styles.

If any of these vintage or modern bathroom cabinet ideas stand out to you, be sure to put them to good use. Before you do that, explore the VanitySale store for more unique setups.